I grew up in Boston, the daughter of two rocket scientists, thinking I
would become a chemist. But I ended up studying social psychology at
Stanford University before moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a
filmmaker, visual artist, and generalist at the intersection of design,
social media, and technology.

My influences come from all corners of human experience - in the keen
observations articulated by Malcolm Gladwell or the beautifully
juxtaposed images of Kveta Pacovska. And I have been lucky enough to
travel extensively around the world, which has given me not only a
different perspective on my life in the US but also endless
opportunities to find unique ephemera and materials for use in my
artwork. I am fascinated by where technology is taking our society, but
I still have a need to use my hands and get dirty with image-making. It
doesn't have to be fancy either, a plastic Holga does me just fine.

When I'm not working in interactive media, plotting my film career, or
dabbling in wooing experiments, I can be found hula hooping with friends
or shopping for functional art and paper products. My latest passion is
the tribewanted project in Fiji, and I hope to make my first feature
film sometime in the near