Art and poetry have saved my life often enough that this book is just a small nod to their place in my journey. I don't have any hard and fast answers. My experience is no more or less special than yours. My hope, when you explore these pages and let the words wash over you, is simply that you will remember you are not alone in your struggles. Our pain is unique when we feel it but part of a greater force when we face it. WOO (woo) v. 1. To seek the affection of, esp. with the hope of marrying. 2. To seek to gain or achieve. 3. To entreat; importune. What this book is NO T: 1) a set of guidelines for landing a lover 2) a professional, psychological examination of the differences between the sexes 3) a story in the traditional sense What this book IS : 1) a source of entertainment and inspiration 2) a voyeuristic indulgence 3) proof that you are not alone in your sometimes embarrassing, humiliating, heart-wrenching attempts to find love